6 Tips to Fix your Internet Reputation in 2022

In a world where a google search will yield hundreds of results that can affect everything from getting a new job to being turned away at the bar your reputation online is just as important as your real-life one. Unfortunately, it’s also much easier for others to make baseless claims about you and ruin your reputation. Most people don’t know how to fix internet reputation and of those who do they don’t always know how to do it correctly. To make sure you protect your online presence in the coming years here are 6 tips on how to fix your internet reputation.

1) Delete all negative posts about you from public websites:

Search engines like Google keep cached pages on their servers for a certain amount of time, but posting on sites like Reddit or Twitter will ensure that others can’t post comments saying bad things about you and then they are deleted without anyone knowing. Make sure that if any new negative information is posted about you on popular web pages you delete it as soon as possible. Alternatively, use a website content writer and publish posts to push down negative posts about your business.

2) Dispute false claims on search engine results:

If someone has written something untrue about you online you can now go to Google and request that those posts be removed from their engine if they don’t meet certain criteria. Many people use the internet as a way to slander others and hide behind anonymous usernames, but with these new regulations, it’s now possible for you to truly clean up your web presence.

3) Use privacy settings on social media:

Privacy settings have been around for years but perhaps not everyone knows how to use them effectively. If you want to protect your online reputation make sure you lock down your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc so strangers cannot see personal information about you without being a friend of yours first.

4) Put contact information on your website:

Even if you have blocked off almost every single webpage that is able to mention you from the public you still must protect yourself from those who know your address or phone number. Putting up a front page that tells people how to contact you and includes only your name email, and phone number is a good way to prevent spam messages as well as ensure that if a job offer gets sent to you via snail mail it’s not going to be sent right back.

5) Use video hosting services:

Video services like YouTube make it very easy for anyone else on the internet to upload content about you without you being able to do much about it. While there is often no legal recourse, uploading videos about yourself that are equally accessible ensures that there will at least be two conflicting reports instead of just one potentially slanderous one.

6) Use anonymous browsing:

The internet isn’t going anywhere, and your online reputation can be ruined at any time. Make sure that when you need to do anything from looking up information to signing up for websites it’s done using an anonymous IP address. While there are ways around this if someone intends to ruin your online presence they will find the means necessary so don’t put yourself in a compromising situation.

Concluding Thoughts on Fixing Your Internet Reputation

Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing how the internet is going to change in the next few years but one of the best ways of protecting yourself is being aware of these 6 tips on how to fix your internet reputation. Also, be sure to work with a digital marketing company to leverage your digital reputation efforts. Even though some people have been able to get away with ruining others online without much repercussion, with the new laws it’s now possible to make sure that your online presence is not compromised.