Paperweights – Jewels of the Art Glass World

Solid glass paperweights seem to belong to another time. Yet there are lots of paperweight creditors nowadays. What attracts collectors to the diminutive world of paperweights? Nothing is as stunning or mysterious as a hand made paperweight, particularly if it became customary by using a grasp glass artist.

A Glass Family

Growing up in a pitcher own family, I developed a 카지노 love for paperweights early in existence. By the time I become fourteen years old, I was accumulating my uncle’s paperweights. He was a glassblower and proprietor/operator of Hamon Glass Company in Scott Depot, West Virginia. My uncle, Robert L. Hamon, changed into recognised for his remarkable paperweights.

Other contributors of my own family have made paperweights, as nicely, but none had been more serious than my uncle.

Rose Paperweights

Robert L. Hamon made a first-rate paperweight called the Hamon cut rose. Different than a crimp rose, a hand cut rose is more stunning. Each petal is in my opinion shaped by means of reducing in 4 places a small blob of warm glass, which is encased in crystal. The Hamon roses almost regarded real, floating in a faceted slab of crystal, their petals flanked by means of beautiful green leaves. He made rose paperweights in numerous colorings, such as ruby and orange, but my favorite became yellow.

My uncle made sulfides, cane weights and ice pick paperweights. The latter had been maximum interesting to me, as a young guy. Gorgeous crystal blanketed twisted, swirling abstract paperwork. No two had been ever alike. These were generally dome-shaped, and were hardly ever faceted, unlike the other weights he made. Faceting creates little windows through which you could view the burden’s indoors. And, as a bonus, the facets create lots of light reflections, which give the weights a positive mystique.

What a passion Robert had for hand made paperweights. Some of his sulfides can be determined in the collections of former Presidents of the US and other dignitaries. For a few years, avid collectors offered his weights and displayed them prominently of their homes and corporations.

A Dazzling Display

While I loved the esteemed paperweights of famous glass stores, including Baccarat and St. Louis, none had been extra thrilling to me than my uncle’s paperweights. I cherished to go to his studio wherein literally masses of his paperweights have been on mind-blowing display. Some had been sitting on small bases which shot a beam of light via the glass, developing a wonderful effect. Inside each glass globe there has been a fascinating world of colour, man or woman and shape.

How I would take a seat for hours in the Hamon Glass studio staring into the ones terrific glass globes, exploring the swirling inclusions with an keen eye. My uncle’s greatest weights regarded to reveal a global within a international, a mystical, colourful world whose secrets and techniques had been observed most effective with the aid of those who cared to tarry lengthy sufficient to enter the hidden state of hand made glass.