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Visiting local street markets has always been a popular holiday pastime, and strolling in the warm summer air is a lovely way to relax. Unfortunately, in some countries authentic, local arts and craft items have become almost impossible to find.

However, there are some super local markets St Hubert Medal for Sale to visit on Menorca holidays that are open all year round. Moreover, in the summer, if you know where to look, there are some special markets offering authentic Menorcan handicrafts. These are high quality, locally made items including the fashion jewellery and leather goods for which the island is well known.

Cottage industry

On Menorca holidays you can browse and buy original, Saint Hubert innovative fashion jewellery from local cottage workshops. They combine the best traditional craftsmanship with the exciting design flair of young new designers to produce jewellery of a high international standard. Menorca has a long tradition of producing quality handicraft products, which is only natural for an island community with no easy access to imported goods. In the 18th century, if you wanted buttons, belt clasps or religious medals for necklaces, you had to buy from a traveller or someone in your village who made them to earn extra income.

European centre

Around 1840, this cottage industry expanded into the silver chain mail market. At the time, silver chain mail was a very popular fashion accessory woven into dainty coin purses.

The women of Menorca were so skilled Saint Hubert at weaving the silver that they became highly successful in this market. This was how Menorca’s international reputation in the fashion jewellery industry began. Menorca is now one of the most important centres of fashion jewellery design and manufacture in Europe. Visiting the local street markets on Menorca holidays is a great way to find authentic and innovative fashion jewellery – for yourself and as gifts for family and friends.

Leather and abarcas

The thriving local leather industry is another important source of income for the Menorcan economy and has a long tradition of high-quality footwear, handbags, leather coats and jackets and many other uniquely Menorcan items. Look out for the extremely comfortable footwear, the traditional Menorcan abarcas, which were originally made from old tyres, scraps of leather and rope. As you may imagine, they were initially only worn by local farm workers!

Royal seal

Owing to the great comfort and simple design of these abarcas, the design evolved and now these authentic, hand-finished Menorcan shoes are worn all over Europe. You can now buy abarcas to suit all ages and tastes, including elegant evening styles, orthopaedic versions and high fashion platform abarcas. The final seal of approval came when the Spanish Royal family also started wearing authentic Menorcan abarcas.